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Gun Barrel Reboring
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Introduction to Reboring

Randall uses cut rifling in his reboring, giving his barrels a minimum groove depth of .0040" per side, compared to a .0025" groove depth of the average button-rifled barrel. This .0040" groove depth, which was the standard in the industry, is what you will find in the great shooting barrels of the Win. M-70 pre-64 and other fine rifles. Redman's rebore costs do not try to compete with the mass-produced button-rifled barrel, because there are more hours in the cut rifling process. Button-rifled barrels do shoot well and offer the shooter a low cost barrel, but they are not the same as a cut-rifled barrel and shouldn't be directly compared. The advantages of reboring over rebarreling are as follows: Retaining the original barrel contour, barrel lettering and barrel finish. Receiving a custom cut-rifled barrel with uniform, sharp, distinct rifling and many other fine qualities. Your original barrel has gone through a stress relieving process through the heating and cooling of shooting your gun. This is probably the best stress relieved barrel steel that could be used. Redman's rebores shoot as well, if not better, than the original bore when new. He has many years experience in reboring and barrel work so you can be assured of top quality, professional, craftsmanship.

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