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Rebore gun barrels to a larger size
Gun Barrel Liners
Gun Magazine Tubes
Mauser Broomhandle Barrel Restoration
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Redmans Rifling and Reboring was established in 1973 by Randall Redman. Being an accomplished machinist and gun enthusiast, Randall was trained in the art of reboring and rifling by the nation's leading barrel reborer and rifler, Ward Koozer. Randall relines barrels back to their original caliber, rebores barrels to a larger size, manufactures barrel liners to be used in barrel relines or new gun barrels, and manufactures magazine tubes for Winchester lever action rifles. Because of his top quality craftsmanship and satisfied customers, Redman's Rifling and Reboring has become the nation's leading barrel restoration shop.


Buying Remington #1 sporting rifles like Creedmoor's & Midrange. Also Remington Hepburn target models like the Creedmoor's, Schuetzen, & Midrange rifles.

Gatling gunsWe are currently looking to buy replica Gatling guns in the .22 caliber. If you know of one, please contact me via email or phone.
gilchrist guitarsIf you have any vintage musical stringed instruments, like mandolins, guitars, banjo's , etc., made by Martin, Gibson, etc., laying around, I would be interested in buying them.  Please contact me.